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Obituary for Teresa Jamie Jarchow (Morgan)

Teresa Jamie Jarchow

On March 23rd 2024, 63 year old Teresa Jamie Jarchow flew up to heaven. Teresa now rests with her brothers, and sisters. Teresa was born May 15th 1960 to her parents James and Evelyn. Now Teresa is survived by her children Robert (Carrot), Larry (Stretch), Angella, and James (baby). Those are the nicknames she gave her beloved children. Teresa has two daughters-in-law, Sasha and Stephanie; and Angella’s partner Andrew. Along with her grandchildren Alora, Elaina, Alexis, Lydia, Liam, and Maci. 

Teresa had a love for the Native American Culture. In fact she kept many cultural figures, tapestries, and native dream catchers made of felt plus decorated with tribal symbols. As well as art, since she loved to draw. Teresa also had a thing for sewing, making blankets, jewelry, and giving gifts even if it would pull her down. Before she retired she worked as a nurse. Afterwards, she found great passion in helping with a local auction house. Teresa was such an amazing woman who would do anything for those she loved, and she watches over us now.