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Obituary for Devyn Lee Nelson

Devyn Lee Nelson, age 14, was a brave warrior. In August of 2014, at almost six years old, he adopted his Momma Chrissy Nelson in front of a joyfully packed courtroom. He loved his life! His red hair, smile & gorgeous eyes greeted all, no matter how he felt. Devyn was born with meningitis which caused multiple life-endangering events throughout his life. He faced each day with courage, tenacity and faith. Medical caregivers were continually astounded at his resilience.  Crises did not define him. 

Devyn used special technology to make cookies, giggling when flour flew out of the mixer and gave him a white beard. He laughed out loud when shampoo turned his red hair, purple. He loved dancing in his wheelchair and going for walks with Micah-dog. Devyn turned the volume up on his keyboard when mom left his side to say, “Excuse me! I’m right here!” He blinked firmly and intentionally to say “yes” and became proficient at eyerolling to say “no.”

Devyn attended Robbins for kindergarten and first grade. The best parts were being with his friend, Nolan, and riding the bus. He joined adventures on Google Earth.   Books were his travel ticket to explore & learn. Countries came alive as he joined Momma Chrissy in Zooms with Patch Adams/Gesundheit.  All activity and conversation stopped when the Brewers played! 

Devyn’s body changed in 2018, which required him to lay flat, thus he was bedbound. Devyn chose where to hang photos, lights, moving stars, artwork and seasonal décor on his ceiling by eye-pointing. The big picture window at the end of his bed was his window to the world. Since he couldn’t get outside, snowballs splattered on his window and snowmen peeked in at him. When garbage collectors didn’t see him, they made a lot of extra noise until he turned his lights on. Multiple machines became Devyn’s constant companions, so he named the oxygen tank R2D2, and the IV pole, C3PO. Nurses intermingled cares with entertainment.  He was nurse Beth’s superhero, and she was his. 

People traveled from around the world to meet him. Some brought guitars to play and sing. Many gave Devyn precious items that were very close to their hearts. He received winning medals from athletes all over the world as they recognized he worked as hard as they trained for marathons.

Bikers granted Devyn’s wish to hear motorcycles as they roared to his house in 2018. The Faith Riders Motorcycle Ministry saw the boy in the bed, not the tubes and wires.  They continued to visit and made Revin for Devyn an annual event as they revved their engines in a thunderous praise. They offered prayers as they revved by the house throughout the year.   They became our church and Devyn found purpose in being their new honorary member, “Rev.” He prayed for others fervently, knowing God always heard his prayers. 

The story of Devyn’s life proves that all lives have value and redirects paths, changes legislation, policies, and procedures. 

Devyn’s dream was that every person, regardless of differing abilities, would be safe, loved and filled with hope that only Jesus can provide. He wants to see you in heaven to play a game of baseball. 

Devyn Lee Nelson was born 8/22/2008 and ran into Jesus’ arms 12/4/2022.

Celebration of his life will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at Jacob’s Well Church, 989 122nd Street, Chippewa Falls, WI with Pastors John Kilde and Brian Cole officiating.  Visitation will be from 1:00 p.m. until time of service.  Fellowship with desserts to follow.